Sort problem : Print Multiple Sales Order


I need to generate a XML-file in the correct order in AX2012 on a Sales Invoice when
choosing several Sales Orders (Accounts receivable > Periodic > Sales update > Invoice).
Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work as AX always sort it the same order no matter what.

I do like this, step by step.
I choose the Select button, press Ok on my predefined selections, remove some orders
when I get the result, untick Posting (when doing so the Print option Print will only have
“Current” option available, previously it was “After” also) and press Ok.

On the Sales Orders I have selected the first SO contains 1 line, the second SO 3 lines
and the third SO 2 lines.

I get the report (SSRS or Bottomline doesn’t matter) in line number order (which is fine
and correct when printing an Invoice with one SO, but not for several SO:s),
ti. SO1 Line 1, SO2 Line 1, SO3 Line 1, SO2 Line 2, SO3 Line 2 and SO2 Line 3.
I would have wanted it to be:
SO1 Line 1, SO2 Line 1, SO2 Line 2, SO2 Line 3, SO3 Line 1 and SO3 Line 2.

When I try to change the sort order (Accounts Receivable > Setup > Forms > Form Sorting

Invoice tab select to sort by Sales Order) nothing happens.

It doesn’t matter if I choose posting or not, it will be the same order.

Does anyone know how to solve this or it is a MS bug?