Somebody help me having insight in T&L module

Dear All,

  1. I’m quite new to dynamics AX 2012. Just joined a company in Wuxi, China. I need to learn on my own from web and/or Microsoft documentation(Accessible to me).

  2. I practice on MSDAX 2012 R2. At times i stuck at some points. I have the option to post the query and search on net. However the issue need a little bit of discussion or mutual conversation. I have almost no help from peers because of language issue(Chinese).

  3. ERP is huge and someone in this forum told that i need to start somewhere and build my domain bit by bit. Keeping that in view i have started from course 80305(SCM fundamentals) followed by 80306(Distribution and trade) and 80339(BOM).

  4. I was an IT trainer earlier(8 year exp) having ample aptitude of learning. Will converse only worthy issues in an articulate manner.

I’m striving hard to learn ERP skills(T&L module). Time is the most precious resource, I value your time. Your little initial cooperation will greatly help me to accomplish the objectives.
Whatever i learn I will share it back with our community.

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Skype : kaushiknt

Warm Regards,

Dear Deepak,

I admire your interest on learning AX. Welcome to the DUG forum where you can post your queries, issue and get assisted by our experts. It is quite obvious that everyone who begins their career into something new will initially face lot of challenges, one should be willing to face them and learn from them to reach to the next level. ERP is really huge and always there is something to know for each one of us. At the start-up level its good that you are referring materials and practicing thoroughly.

Whatever issues you face you can search for resolutions or post here. We all are there to help you. I have sent you Skype request you can add me and ping me for any queries. All the best man :slight_smile:

Dear Kiran,

I was eagerly awaiting the response. There are 20 views of my post and you take the lead to respond me. Hats off Kiran. Its a big moral booster. Will keep in touch with you.

Warm Regards,