some fields in some tables not update

firstly thanks for all in this forum for helping me

i need help in an important point

we have many terminal pos using ls retail the terminal pos import data from head office using replication job and sub job

but we notice that some fields in some tables changed in head office but when terminal pos run update the data in the same table in terminal pos not changed

example head office has item table with field otc list this field data type option having 3 option (a,b,c) we have item say

no. description price otc list

12345 burger sand. 10 a

this item price in terminal pos was 8 and otc list was c now this item changed in head office table when we run replication job

for item table at terminal pos the item price changed from 8 to 10 but otc list still c and not changed to a as the same in head office table

can any one help

problem solved thanks alot