Some code on C/AL (Field name with marco)

Dear all,

Have some reason need write the own and and create the table on Nav 5.0 sp1. Just want ask one question the follow syntax is possible to in Navision


Field Quantity1 ……Quantity6…etc

For I := 1 to 6 do

Quantity(format(I)) := 200; //Represent with Quantity1 := 200 … Quantity6:= 200;


I just a beginner on Navision , Would you please give me some advise on it .

Many Thanks


No it’s not possible, you have to use actual field names.

Thanks a lot , would i ask one more question ? is possible happen on 2009 ?

Perhaps you can use RecordRef and FieldRef.
Read about theese feature in the manuals (w1w1adg.pdf and the online help, which is quite good)

Andy, what are you trying to achieve here? Explain WHAT you want, not how you want to do it.