Some cheque numbers are not displayed in Account Reconcilation form in Ax 2009 ?

Hi All,

In bank module->Bank account details->transactions->cheque numbers are displayed.These cheque numbers are not these should be visible in account reconcilation form.

but if i go function->account reconcilation->select view->Unreconciled->transactions->cheques numbers are not displayed

What a strange !

even i checked both the transactions form,all are being populated from the one table BankAccountTrans.

Then why cheque numbers are not displayed ?

Can you please post screenshot of the Cheque Form? It seems these cheques are created but not generated through AP Payment Journal.

Hi Sachin,

Actually not the cheque numbers,we are checking payment reference.

I compared old records even in LedgerJournaltrans and BankAccountTrans,but didn’t find any difference.Cheque numbers we are not using rather we write in payment reference field.

But the strange thing is that old record is visible in both the transaction form i mean

  1. bank account details->transactions->


  1. functions->account reconcilation->transactions->

Both the transaction forms are referring the same table BankAccountTrans,then how come when i first open transaction form it is visible and then not visible if i go through functions ?

Hi the issue got resolved by doing one of these methods.

Make correction with the account statement date


Delete the account statement date and account statement