SOLVED: E-Mails from Dynamics Users are flowing again

The last months we have experienced problems here on Dynamics User Group with mails going out. Emails in regards to notifications on new posts in subscribed areas, but also emails in regards to password resets. The last one the most problematic as I then had to manually reset the account and mail the new password to the user.

And it was getting worse and worse. Whenever I did a test, then the mails started to come. But the last days not at all.

With the help of my hosting provider we just found out that the mail account I’m using to send mails with had a limit of 250 mails per 15 minutes (that’s 24000 emails per day!). This limit have now been lifted.

Most of these email notifications are to members who have subscribed to receive new emails in specific forums or specific threads. Subscribing to a specific thread is done by clicking on “Follow this question”, or selecting “Email me replies to this post” when replying. To subscribe to new posts in a forum you must click on the “Forum Subscription” link in the Shortcuts menu everywhere under Forums. This only works for members who are logged in.

Thanks for resolving the issue, i thought it was just my acct… [B]

Thank Sean, Yes after I saw your post I thought that then maybe it wasn’t just me who didn’t receive the emails, and that this issue was related to all those who have said that they didn’t receive any password reset mails maybe was related.

Like getting solved issues related to more and more people using the web site. That’s always a positive sign.