Solution for field sales managers

Hello, I’m looking for a solution/add on for our field sales managers. They must be able to adjust customer data and insert sales orders. It can be a web solution or a remote client that can be synchronised once a day. Has anyone expirience with this? Which solution is best? Best regards, Marcel

We have “service & maintenance” mechanics who have laptops with a card to use the GPRS or UMTS network. They log in to terminal server and are able to work on their laptops if like they were in the office. Navision needs no adjustments. BUT, unfortunatly the speed is often dramatic when using GPRS. [:(] If most of your clients are in areas where UMTS can be used, I would choose terminal server. Advantage: Not only Navision can be used, but all of the programs you have on your terminal server. We are often in areas where only GPRS can be used, so were looking for better solutions too. A solution is to wait until UMTS or EDGE is covering the whole country… Or look for solutions which transfer less data. So perhaps don’t log into terminal server, but go for a web solution. I haven’t got any experience with that.

Check out they have a great tool that runs on a PDA and synchronizes orders in your navision system when you get to an internet connection.

Thanks for the reply i’ll look in to it Marcel