Sold Quantity still shown as Remining Quantity

Dear Friends,

I have an issue with an Item Ledger entry. An output was produced and sold on the same day.
But the remaining quantity against the output still shows the full output quantity.

I have noticed this because prior to this output, there was no stock for that item.

Can anybody help me on this? Where should I check to identify the root cause for this?

Thanks in Advance.

Does the total sum of the remaining quantity equal the current on hand stock?

“Location Code”, “Bin Code”, “Serial No.”, “Lot. No.” - is any of theese fields involved?

Yes, “Location Code” & “Lot No” are involved.

Against Sales Entry the Remaining Quantity is shown as zero because full Output Quantity is Sold out.

But against that Output Entry the full Output Quantity is shown as the Remaining Quantity.

But the remaining quantity should have been zero against that Output ?

Can you answer my question?

Can you confirm the same location and batch were used in both instances as well?

Yes, same Location & Lot No is used in Output & Sales Entry.

That was not my question - still waiting for an answer to my question!