Software development methodology For Dynamics Ax

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in Erp System we have kind of Software development methodology for implementation

for example agile , scrum , enterprise , rapid , and other Software methodology

Whether there are other methodology ?

What is the best method to implement?

What is the New Software development methodology to implement?

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Hi jalal,

Agile is development methodology where continuous improvement come from all sources from developer, requirements based, customer centric and feedback

Enterprise methodology !! it comes from company point of you !! one company requires Employee number based on Date of joining where total employee are less !

In some companies, the strength of employee are more !! where they take the depart of that employee and creates employee id like that !! and nature of business is considered more in terms of emprise methodology.

RAD model !! it must be robust and completed in less time !! where requirement is limited !!complexity will be less !!

that depending on the structure and nature of the business !!

example , you take a company IBM !! here not only employees are important !! the development technologies they have used also important !!

they have developers in all the software !! and they have various verticals, In the sense, industry point of view !! that is standard for all !! and they do have some customization from the client point of you !!

how you are going to implement and what are the constraints that will play in considering the methodology that is suitable for the implementation of any project !!

In scrum model !! a project manager will assign takes and roles !! everybody has a role to play and exectute !! and improvements !! there is a deadline for each project !! within that time, they have to schedule and execute the project !! everyday task must be completed and next task is ready at the end of other task !! inter related task !!

some project can be used by RAD model, some will be on Scrum model

HI Jalal,

We have another methodology called Sure Step Methodology for the implementation of projects.Based on the company standards they will follow the methodologies accordingly.

And they need to consider the project completion time,cost and resource allocation.

By taking the above all into consideration they will follow a particular methodology for the implementation of projects.


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