SO Marking and PO Marking


I need some help on how to mark the SO to a PO in AX2009. Appreciate any help.

Example: Sales Order A, QTY=1000. I need do a SO marking as that PO with qty 1000 is special for sales order A.

i saw there is AR>sales order details > inventory button > marking.

However, i not able do any mark and there is no PO able select to marked. (Existing there is a PO create)


It is unclear, but does the PO actually exist? What process steps are you taking?

Create a PO directly from sales order - which will be automatically marked…

The PO is exist.

Supposing it should able do SO marking through SO line > Inventory > marking, if there is PO.

When i try click on SO line > Inventory button > marking. In the marking form, “mark on” rows is blank. I not able do the marking.

Does there any setting need tick or activate before able use the marking features?


The likely explanation for this is that the stock dimensions between the sales order and purchase order are different.

Marking does not work with the items - whose Inventory Model is Standard Cost - that might be a cause of this…[:)]

Hi Kranthi

Is this documented somewhere? I can see the obvious nature of this, marking is to transpose costs, and in a standard environment then the costs are always the same, but you also use marking to create a relationship, which is still useful!

HI Adam,

Yes it is documented - I have seen this in a white paper - Cost Management.

But I think the primary and main objective of marking is to play around the costs.

If you want to have relation ship like for which so the po has been created - create a po directly from so - the system will have a relationship even though it is standard cost enabled item…

Hi All,

Thks for the great help…:slight_smile:


It is written in the text in the stock model group against standard as well. [:D]