So how can I add my existing blog in a Dynamics User Group Forum?

[:D] please guide and give details.


Hi Almas,
Well no, you cannot add your blog to the DUG Forums.
But we can add your blog to the DUG Blogs, upon approval. :slight_smile:

Blogs which are more advertising than useful content for our members, will not be allowed. If the posts contains what our members consider spam, then your posts (and account) may end up being banned.
But take a look at the other blogs here on the site. We have many from other “companies” and as long as they are “clean” then they stay.

LOL, that’s nice to know that I can not but you can add my blog. :wink: So what’s the plan to get the approval. :smiley:

Hi Almas,
You send me a mail or message with the following information:
Name of your blog
URL of blog
User name of author (you?)
URL of blogs RSS feed

Then I’ll check it out and set it up for you - if is not a marketing blog. :slight_smile:

Okey, that’s straightforward. I will. : )

Hi Erik,
PLease find below information. : )

Name of your blog : Another Blog
URL of blog :
User name of author (you?) : Almas Mahfooz
URL of blogs RSS feed :…/

Added [:)]

Nice Job Erik and Thanks. :slight_smile: (Y)