SMTP Mail Without Server

My client doesn’t have a mail server onsite. They use an offsite service and pull down pop3 email to each workstation. I know, I know, but that’s the hand I’m dealt. [:(!] So I’m looking for an automation gadget that I can load up with email and will actually perform the SMTP communication from the workstation directly to the remote server. I’ve run across a couple of things by searching for “smtp command line”, but am wondering if anyone has any experience with a “gadget” like the one I’m describing. [?] Thanks,

I don’t think I understand “that I can Upload” but matbe you want an OCX

Take a look at SMPT OCX at (maybe it’s in the download section of this forum as well). Anyway you should be able to do what you describe if you have an Outlook installed, and utilize the standard MAPI interface from Navision.

Thanks Erik & Allan. I have tried the SMTP OCX, but it requires a server. If it didn’t … it would be perfect. I’m trying to avoid having to deal with a different email client program/version on each workstation by substituting a product like smtpdotnet from If they had Exchange running locally I would just use the Navision codeunit to implement the workflow changes that they’ve requested.