SMTP Error (Yahoomail / Bizmail)

Hi Fellas,

I have error for test send email

I am using smtp bizmail

(i tested using same configuration via outlook is ok, but test send email via NAV, it will show this error)

unable to read data from the transport connection net_io_connectionclosed smtp yahoo

Can you please try using Port 587 instead of 465. Seems to be a Port Issue. Try using Port 25 as well.

hi RockWithNav

with 465 i can send email to everyone (tested in outlook)

but if using port 587 or 25. I only can send to registered email only

which is i need to add emails in Add Send-Only Address in yahoo setting to become recipients.

You say that you can send mail on port 465 to everyone. What is then your problem using this port?

I’m not familiar with Yahoo BizMail, but I’m also using SMTP to send here on the site, just from Microsoft.
And here I had to create a setup allowing which servers/IP’s were allowed to use the SMTP connection from.

Could you have an issue there?

But RWN should be correct. Generally port 465 have been deprecated since 1998 in SMTP connections. 587 “should” be the correct port for secure SMTP.

465 can send in outlook.

but in NAV, i cant sent at all using 465

i just find something new…

using this configuration (and port 587), i can send email via nav 2018 but cannot via nav 2017

Hi Stan,

Did you find a solution to your SMTP port problem?

if i use NAV 2018 (with the same configuration no problem),

but my customer is using NAV 2017 (CU3), and still have this issue

I guess theres a HUGE difference here that you are not mentioning. In NAV 2018 you are using your OWN… and in NAV 2017 its the CLIENT setup.

The code in NAV 2017 and NAV 2018 is the same. So your problem is solely a setup issue.

Depending on mail-server - on some you have to allow SMTP in the setup (on the mail-server).

Hi Palle,

actually i am using testing database

which is cronus.

NAV 2017 CU 3 → failed.

NAV 2018 (any CU) → Successfully sent

Just to be sure - your setup is the SAME in both versions? You try to test it on the SAME computer?, and two different NAV version without changed SMTP code?.

And yet works in NAV 2018 but not in NAV 2017??

Sorry I am going to repeat myself. The code is the same in both versions. So it should not be a problem at all. I have myself never experienced this problem.

One more thing.

Also try to use the non-SSL port 587 and remove the secure connection checkmark.

IF it does not work (this should ALWAYS work), then it is because of your ISP - Your ISP can prevent you from sending mails

What ISP are you using?

using gmail it’s working.

I was using… but failed