Smart tags

Has anyone yet used the smart tag functionality? If Yes, what did you do with it? I mean, for which purpose did you use it? To call a web service, to call forms in navision from word, etc. And if so, where did you find the smart tag SDK? Thanks in advance

Koos Splinter at MBSNL might be able to help you.

Thanks Jan, I already called Aldert, he told em the SDK should be on the 3.60 tools cd. Unfortunately we did not receive this tools cd, and on the 3.1 and 3.70 W1 tools cd’s the SDK wasn’t added. He would have a look for an example of this cd, maybe it is a good plan to put the Smart tag SDK on the partnerguide for download? I was also looking for partners who already have done some integration with webservices, but I noticed scrolling through the web the much of these services are still in pilot.