Slow upgrading from 2.60 to 4.00

Hi, I’m running the processes to upgrade a DB from 2.60 to 4.00, and the 2nd step is taking a lot of time when processing the Production orders. The DB had about 70.000 finished prod. orders. We deleted half of them, to speed the process, but it still takes about 2 days only to process 38.000 finished prod. orders. Anyone has done this before and knows how to accelerate it? Many thanks

I would try to run it with the Client Monitor switched on for around 2000 ProdOrders. Then check if there is a key being used which is not the best one. Then you can change the key which slows the stuff down in the table. (Sometimes you just need to move a certain key up in the keys) Then try again until you are happy with the speed. After running your upgrade you just replace the changed objects with the original ones.

Thanks for your answer, but all the keys are optimized. I’ve revised the code, and I don’t understand why it’s so slow… the first 50% (of the Finished Prod. orders table) goes quite fast, but then it begins going slowly and slowly… up to 50 hours to complete all the finished prod. orders. The rest of the processes run quite fast, even Item ledger entry, which has almost 3.000.000 of entries.

I’m not really talking about “optimizing keys” in the meaning of “Database”,“Information”,“Tables”,“Optimize Keys”. The matter is more that navision on calculating flowfields (as an example) uses the FIRST key in the key list which includes all the filtered fields and provides the required SumIndex and NOT THE BEST key. That’s why I suggested to just check if the best fitting key has been selected by Navision. In the client Monitor you will see the number of records scanned with a certain filter and key. If that one shows a high number, Navision did NOT select the best key for that operation. You can change the order of the keys for a certain table just be re-arranging them. Or maybe even add a new key to the top of the key list.

Thanks again. I’ve checked all the keys and they seem correct to me. In any case, these wouldn’t explain why 50% of the orders are processed in a few hours, and the rest of them take more than 40 hours… We need to upgrade the DB in the next 4 days and I’m afraid that we are not going to have enough time. Apart from this, the fbk that we need to make to begin the upgrade takes 4 hours to complete , and about 30 hours to restore!. The DB has about 30 GB, and the server has 2 processors, 6GB RAM, and a Raid-1 system. Isn’t too much time?

What happens if you run a batch of 10.000 production orders?

Peter is right. You could try to change the code so that the system does not update all at once. Instead you can commit every 10000 PO’s and stop the upgrade there. You just need to make sure that you do not process the same production order more than once. Regarding teh BAckup/Restore thing Try to make a copy of the DB (direct filecopy or hotcopy) and then try to open that DB with the new client instead. I’m not 100% sure but it could be that this works also for 2,60 to 4.01

Hi Alisha, best way to speed up the upgrade is to disable all secondary keys on tables with many records. Keep only the keys which are used in the upgrade functions. After upgrade activate all keys which were activated before. br Josef Metz