Skipped items when post cost to GL

hello everyone,

Can someone please explain to me why sometimes you find a “skipped” items (not posted to GL) when you try to post items cost to GL, see picture below.

Thank you

one of the main reason is the you don’t have the GL account setup to post the entries. Check your setup.

hello again, thank you fo your reply,

i checked and i found that an inventory setup was missing for a location, but that was for the 1st item the other 3 items have complete setup, on the report of the cost adjustment you can see the 3 items have no cost, when i track down these entries on the value entries i found that they have cost but not posted to GL, so why the batch job is skipping them, how can i post these costs to GL?


Navigate using the Document No, to find the posting that created these entries.

Check the document that created the postings.

Check the unit costs and costing method for the items.

well, am not sure how that can help me, but i checked anyway, and i found that 1 invoice have a lot of items and all of them has been posted to GL except these 3 and i couldn’t see any differance in setup.

also on the help of NAV it says that is any other erorrs on vaule entries except related to dimensions will be on the skip part until u fix them but it doesn’t say how i can check these errors

thank you


Have they been posted at 0 (zero) value or not posted at all?

Look at the order and posted invoice lines for the items; check the Gen. Posting Groups, the Dimensions.

Check the Items - what is the Costing method?

What is the Unit Cost for these items?

I cannot read the screen shot - are the postings sales or purchase or item adjustments?

Is the document an invoice or an item journal.


Have you ever posted Purchase of Items in question? Sales before Purchase is possible - you get negative inventory and there is zero value in Item Card costing fields, as a result, there is no cost to post against Sale and you get 100% profit.

jsrark - click on image, it will open in readable size…

and offtopic - waleed, how did you manage to get the readable Russian text in Item Description (the last one in your screenshot - бальзам) - in standard NAV cyrillic characters should show up as garbage, if Windows locale is NOT Russian?

ok, here what i found:

user has did shipment and then invoicing, somehow (i think user mistake) the unit cost of the item on the sales order was 0 which makes me think that the user has deletled it by mistake on the SO, look at screen shot:

so here is the entries created by posting the shipment:

The first entry has no Expected cost as the cost on the SO is Zero, however when running the Cost Adjustment the system has created an entry with expected cost based on the Average costing, now the user has invoiced, here is the entries created:

NAV has created the first line that is reversing the Expected cost and another line by the cost adjustment batch job (in normal transaction that is done on 1 line not 2), so the cost is calculated on the 2nd line (done by the Adjustment batch job) and already posted to GL but somehow the system is stil thinks it should post the cost of the first line(entry no. 556774) and because there is no Cost Amount (Actual) the system is skipping this line on the Cost adjustment to GL.

So actually i have no costing problem (i already reconciled the Cost posted to GL form the value ledger entry for this document number with the Inventory GL account and the cost is correct, also the cost is fine in the Invetory valuation report (value and cost posted to GL), my question is when NAV will remove this entry for the Skipped part on the report? is it always going to be there?!..something wrong

any idea?

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the item is invoiced (the purchase) so that is not the issue, even if that was correct i don’t think it will not skip the entry,u’ll just have a 0 COGS until you invoice the Purchased item,

and for the crylic language, its Mongolian Crylic, so after translating NAV (which was not easy cause its is not provided by microsoft) we imported the language file and we just create a floder under the Program file called MON, and then you’ll have 2 options under language, english and mongolian, wich convert the interface to Mongolian and allow us to write in mongolian, thats it

Did you run Adjust Cost-Item entries before Posting COGS to G/L?

ACIE can be run as much times as you wish for the same period, and MUST be run again if you add afterwards some postings regarding COGS to get correct cost. That applies to ALL types of Costing method.

BTW Thanks for comment on cyrillic characters.

yes, i did…items are adjusted and cost is posted to GL already, both fields are checked, i wonder have you seen the reply i posted before the cyrlillic charcter reply, the one that has a lot of screen shots, i explained everything i found in this one

you are welcome, i hope that was useful for u.

Normally there’s one more requirement before NAV is able to display alternative characters. It’s because Dynamics NAV is not a so-called Unicode compliant application. The client on which you use this character set must have it installed as it’s “native” character set. And then it also depends on what Collation your database is running.