Skip requisition for open Sales Lines

An item quantity of a Sales Line of which the Sales Header has status ‘Open’ is taken into account when calculating the Requisition Worksheet. This is not desirable, as these order line often haven’t been confirmed or have been registered temporarily. As a result, often Purchase orders are made for goods which aren’t needed at all, or with a wrong Requested Receipt Date. Possible solution: If a Sales Header has a status ‘Open’, none of the Sales Line of that Sales Header should be regarded as a capacity need. This should only be done when a Sales Header Status is ‘Released’. Does anyone know if there is a practical solution available to this subject?

This, as well as some similar errors have been reported to Copenhagen. It may be addressed in 3.70.

Michiel, I think the idea is very good and useful.your NSC can update the MRP/MPS program line.

Agree this would be an improvement - but as a quick fix could you use a quote and only convert to order upon confirmation?

yes,I have been using quote order instead of blanket order,but before use it must modify some convert program code, and the operation is not convenience,but this is quick solution.

Thank you all for your replies! The option with the quote would spoil my Lost Order Registration. I guess I will wait until Navision fixes this ‘error’ in a coming version.

…and the bad news is - it’s not fixed in 3.70. Some more fun things carried over (read “not fixed”) are: Order promising considers item quantity in the requisition worksheet as available quantity; shipping Advice is not taken into consideration when calculating the earliest availability date during order promising; and the list realted to reservations goes on…