Size of Fields

Hi All,

Firstly I want to excuse about my English and I Would appreciate if you give some direction.

I want to transfer(insert) value of fields form Item table to new table. But in the new table there are fields with different length/size (smaller) than the item table. Ex:

Table Field Name DataType Lenght

Item Search Description Code 30

NewTable Search Description Code 15

If I change lenght of the field in the NewTable everything is ok, but I must not do that, so I suppose that I should do by code

So my question is :How can I cut off the size of the fields when I am transferring the values, by code. Is there maybe some standard function for this? or other way?

Thanks in Advance

What about:

NewTable.“Search Description” := COPYSTR(Item.“Search Description”,MAXSTRLEN(NewTable.“Search Description”));