Size dimension exclusion is not working as expected.

i have a form called ‘Draft direct delivery’ which basically drafts and stages the Purchase orders and then releases it as a batch to the vendor concerned. Before you draft the P/O’s there is an exclusion items section where all the P/O’s consisting of items with a particular color and size can be excluded.

This is primarily used when a vendor has an item on backorder and therefore orders for that item should not be released to the vendor. The exclusion section has fields for both size and color. If an item does not have either size or color associated with it, the fields can be left blank. If the item to be excluded only has a color attribute, the filter seems to work just fine. What I have run into now is that we have items that only have size attributes and the exclusion table seems to be excluding all orders for the item, regardless of size.

so if there is an item with 4 different sizes and there are several purchase orders with the same item but with different sizes, and I exclude the item with a particular size, all the purchase orders are getting excluded although they have the same item but with different size.


P/O 1: item 1: size 8

P/O 2: item 1: size 9

P/O 3: item 1: size 11

Now if exclude item 1 with size 8, i should be able to see P/O 2 and 3, however all three are getting excluded. i don’t understand why.

I have ‘agrDraftDdPo’ form which basically has a datasource called agrDdItemExclusion. This datasource has fields like ColorID, SizeID among others. So i don’t understand if there is a fault at the design part or at the Code… Any help? I can give more information if its required.