Site upgrade to 10.1.6 completed

Dear members,

As I announced some weeks ago, then I upgraded our site to Telligent Community 10.1.5. But as you also may have noticed, then that upgrade did mess up a lot of the looks here on DUG. There some issues that some the CSS files (which manages how things look on a webpage) would not load correctly. It left us with a page with many of the pull-down menues and filtering options didn’t work.

This weekend I got the chance to upgrade to the March 2018 release 10.1.6 and yesterday I finally got all the CSS files to load again. Which mean that now you can finally see how it was supposed to have looked.

As part of the upgrade I have removed some of the DUG specific customization’s we had on the site. Just like with any Microsoft Dynamics upgrade, then the more customization’s, then harder the upgrade. At least that’s how it used to be with Navision. It still is with Telligent. With this upgrade I have been able to remove about half of my changes to Widgets, as the new default widget do a much better work than before.

This means that the upgrade (both of them) has changed a lot of how things looks here on DUG. Not only has the font been changed (to one that works better on all devices) and we got a new site-wide “top-banner” with a now very good search function and access to all account settings.

I’m not quite done with all the changes. Besides all the design changes, then I am also working on changing the group/forum names to better match the new Dynamics 365 vs Dynamics changes. How do we make the site better and easier to navigate, no matter if you use AX or D365FO, or NAV or D365BC. The new long product names, really doesn’t work all to well with short and easy navigation, when it still should be just as easy for old users to find their “old” systems.

Please let me know what you think, do you like it or hate, or if you find any pages, where the design is still “messed up” or if anything else does not work as you expected. Or if you have some suggestions to how to solve the whole “brand-name” issue here on DUG.