Site upgrade: Downtime Saturday/Sunday

Dear all,

I am going to upgrade the site this week to Telligent 10.1. This means that the will be one-and-off a few times over the weekend.

This will hopefully cure some of the errors we have been experiencing here on the site, both with profiles and search.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

The upgrade as such is long over and went well.

The major thing which has gotten fixed by this upgrade is our search functionality. It used to be really crappy, and due to some error in our old database it would not index a lot of the posts. Now it works, and much better than I expected. Try it!

Another issue was that a lot of profiles where locked from being edited. That has also been fixed.

But, there are some new issues. Somehow then the CSS files for the site will not load correctly. The result is that a lot of places in the site, then “stuff”, especially regarding replies/comment’s does not look very good.

I hope to get this fixed over the next couple of days.

If you have other error or comments, then please let me know.

A little update.
As you may have noticed then some of the site still looks strange, and some functions like thread filtering doesn’t work at all.

The issue has been fixed in the most recent version of Telligent, which I will apply this weekend.

Luckily its a much smaller upgrade than the current, so I hope that the site only will be down for a couple of hours. Exactly when will be announced later.