Site updates: Front Page layout changes

Dear all,

I’m happy to announce that you now can see a few smaller changes on the front page of :

  • You can now see how many PM’s (personal messages) you have in your inbox. This will help you see if you have gotten new mail. I hope to be able to make an additional change soon, so that it will change color if you have new messages.

  • The front page now have a “Newest Downloads”. This will list the 10 newest files from the download section.

  • The “Unanswered Discussions” has been removed from the front page. But you can still find it on the Forum homepage.

I’m still working on a few more changes, which will bring back the “What’s news” layout of the previous version of Community Server, where only blog entries was displayed and based on a “active” factor (time + how many comments each entry had).

If you have any other requests to the front page or other parts of the sites, then please let me know. I’m now almost at a state where I will call myself a “decent” Community Server developer! [;)]

Dear all,

Just another update! As you might have see then the “old” “What’s new” section of the frontpage is back. And you might already see that the activity in the blogs are growing - as people can see that new comments have been posted.

Also a small correction to my post above. The PM notification does not show how many messages you have in your inbox. It displays how many UNREAD messages you have.