Site Dimension

There are two manufacturing plants for our company, but there are diffrent accouting for these 2 plants. Also, the number sequence/series (production, accounting, purchase order, etc related) for these 2 plants are maintained separately. Hence we have decided to use site as financial dimension. is it okay or this can be achieved thru sit dimension?

Well the accounting will be the same ledger code defined by financial dimension, the related number sequences will not be different. Implementing site would solve the first, not the second, only a separate company would do this. Therefore you have to ask why you want the numbering to be different when everything else indicated it is that site, then you have to ask how to configure the finance and if the financial dimension is sufficient. Then you need to consider if you want different BOMs or routes by site, or to use the Produciton Unit functionality, because these are only possible with sites implemented. Also if they are standard costing they HAVE to have sites.