Single Sign-On: Facebook, LinkedIn or Live ID

Dear members,

I’m always working on new things to the website and right now the whole site is up for revision.

One feature that I’m looking into is to have a so-called Single Sign-On Feature. That means that instead of just logging in with your DUG userid/password, then you would also be able to login with another sign-in. Currently we actually have the OpenId signon enabled. But OpenId never became the success it was expected to become, neither here on this website, nor on other websites. Most of you have not even heard about it.

So instead I’m looking into to adding alternatives such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Windows Live ID, so that you can sign-in with that account as an alternative. The Facebook and LiveID is most like the ones you know the most, as they are used a lot on other websites today. If you use any Microsoft sites then you are already using your Live ID in this way.

Some of the options, such as Facebook, would also allow other features to be added, such as automatically getting your Facebook profile picture created as you DUG profile picture.

For new users it would make it much quicker to sign-up. Existing users would have to first login with their DUG account and the link it to the other account.


The poll is inaccessible… And this text:

I suddenly noticed only in Reply-to “form” upper part, where full text of original post is displayed, it does not show up when I read the thread.

As there is zero activity, seems I’m not the only one. (I use FF latest ver9.0.1, maybe other browsers behave differently).

I cannot vote from IE

This would need to be an option, not mandatory. I am not allowed to post as me, and the three listed are me, so I would not be able to link them without making it public who I am which is against my current terms of employment.

Although thinking about that ignore it, I would still be Adam, so that would be enough!

I can’t find where to actually vote. I don’t like ‘single login’ at all. I don’t want Facebook to know what I do here, and my personal like is none of anyone’s here business. Having a separate login for DUG is perfectly fine with me, so I would vote against any linking to other websites.


I totally agree, I don’t want any link between log-ins, ESPECIAL not to facebook, that site has ZERO security, and I want to manage it manually as much as possible.

  • count me in. Even though I am not in Facebook at all. And I do not intend to join it either.