Since 1990?

I thought Navision came first on the market at 1995? Was I wrong?

Yes. You’re wrong [;)] The old DOS-version originates back to the mid 80’s. There are other people here who knows the history better than me, but it all started back in 1984 with a product called PC-Plus. Then what we later came to know as Navision was introduced 1986 if I remember right.

Product History – Key Dates (1984-2001) 1983 PC&C founded by Jesper Balser, Peter Bang and Torben Wind in Copenhagen, Denmark 1984 Launch of PCPlus in Denmark & Norway – a character-based accounting solution for SOHO (small office/home office) market. 1984 “Beauty of Simplicity” is the first company slogan. 1987 Launch of Navision – the first character-based version of (called Navigator in Denmark) 1990 Launch of Navision 3.0 1990 Market expansion moves beyond Scandinavia into Germany. Spain and the United Kingdom 1993 Navision initiates a major development effort to create a new generation of Navision solutions based on Microsoft Windows 32-bit client/server platform 1995 Launch of Navision Financials 1.0, an accounting solution based on Microsoft Windows 32-bit client/server platform 1995 Launch of Navision Financials Windows 95 version and Windows NT 1997 Launch of Navision Financials with Contact Management functionality 1998 Launch of Navision Manufacturing 1999 Launch of Navision Advanced Distribution 2000 Navision Financials receives Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Certification and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Certification 2000 Launch of Navision Commerce Gateway – world’s first solution based on Microsoft’s BizTalk Server 2000 Launch of Navision User Portal – world’s first solution based on Microsoft’s Digital Dashboard 2000 Navision Software a/s and Damgaard A/S merge 2001 Launch of Navision Attain which includes: • Re-branding of Navision Financials • Integration of e-commerce applications, Commerce Gateway, Commerce Portal • User Portal, browser-based access • Supply chain collaboration functionality including manufacturing and distribution • Extended financial management functionality • Extended and new functionality within customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) • Multicurrency • Multilanguage 2001 Navision Attain receives Designed for Microsoft XP logo Awards/Certifications

ahhh… what the hell its close enough, I was going to correct it but …