Simple age debtors and aged creditors report for month end and user manual.

Can anybody help please.

I can’t find a simple report that one would find in nearly any accounts package for aged debtors, aged creditors, and a products sold listing that you would want at month end. This is our first month end. I realise all will be current with detors and creditors but I’d still like to see the reports and products sold by company. We have 6 companies live on Nav

We have no user manual and I looked on the web to try and find out how to carry out basic simple tasks that a beginner (new Nav user) would need but I can’t find anything. Once one knows their way round Nav I’m sure much can be found, but we are at our first month end with Nav 2009 and no user manuals or basic step by step to get us under way. Many thanks.


Use the item analysis for sales and export to Excel if you want. Otherwise look at the sales reports.

Financial Management - Receivables - Reports and Analysis - Customer Detailed Aging/Customer Summary Aging/Aged Accounts Receiveable

Financial Management - Payables - Reports and Analysis - Vendor Summary Aging/Aged Accounts Payable

Many thanks Adam!


you need to contact your partner and get training ASAP.

Part of the process of implementing Navision is for them to come in and analyze your needs. A part of this analysis will document all typical processes such as end of month, and create a set of procedures including which reports to run.

Navision is not a product you can simply install and run with out partner support.

Thanks Dave. I agree but we seem to have been left very much to our own devises. And what we here is extra training, extra training when we haven’t really been trained on the basics…yet! Andy.