Simple A/R related Nav Question

Good morning all!

Hoping you can help me out. I have been using Navision for the past 6 months and have not yet been able to figure this out!

When I am requesting and “Aged Accounts Receivable 5.01” report, there is the “no.” field that I can fill in to request once specific customer, or if i leave it blank - it will generate the aging for all of our A/R accounts.

My question is, if I had 5 cutsomer specifically who I wanted to see rather than all of them…what character may i use to seperate these on the request?

For instance…I have tried seperating the two account numbers with dots, back and forward slash, semi colon and comma.

Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Thank you,


You can use the pipe symbol, | . On most keyboards, I believe it is located above the enter key. The pipe symbolizes an Or, so C1|C2|C3 means you want customer 1 or customer 2 or customer 3, but nothing else.

pipe (|) from memory.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :slight_smile: