Silly Question! How to save data to a field!

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for your help, I am just trying to learn how to do small changes on our AX 3.0 System. To be honest I have only begun doing some small changes thus the silly questions I was hoping one of you could answer. I am trying to create a unique field to store data against a customer.

Basicially, I have created a text/stiring field in the CustTable on our system. I have also created an extended data type and made sure the two relate and added the new field to an existing form.

However I am unable to save data in the field via the form. For instance customer no. 001 I want to save “hello” - but it doesnt save, when I close the form and open the patient record 001 via the form the field is empty.

Apoligies, I know this might be a silly question, i have tried to mimic another field and copy the same format but have had no luck. Thus do I need a method? Or am I doing something inheritly wrong? I had a look at similar fields on the logic that it was exactly the same concept I was after and could not find any method calling the object name.

Hope that makes sense, your help is much apperciated.



Hi Nick,

You might want to look at methods like initValue, insert etc on the CustTable to see how records are getting inserted.

I would also suggest you to take some courses on Ax development without which it will be awfully difficult to do any meaningful progress.



Perhaps you created manually the field on the form and not in the AX way.

Try this:

In the table drag your new field to some field group under the same table (for instance “Identification”). Easiest way to do it is opening the second AOT and focus it to the field group. Then drag’n drop the field from the 1st AOT window over to the Identification node .

Save the table and open the Customer form. The field should be seen on the general tab.


Sounds like a datasource- datafield properties error

You can check the field you added in the form’s design and check the properties just to ensure it has the datasource and datafield properties correctly set.
Or if you put the new field in a grid, may be the grid is pointing to another datasource different than CustTable.