Signature Pads

Anyone have any experience using a signature pad with Navision Financials? I have been playing around with misc. OCX’es with the Topaz signature pad, but keep running into Navision’s 250+ char limitation

What exactly is a signature pad? Regards. Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

It’s a device for electronically capturing a customers signature.

Hi , I would like to know how far you are able to do, i am trying to capture the signature but i am getting the Internal Error 11 in Module 45.i am using the topaz Signaturegem 4X5 , i have written the code like this : the Variables are : SigSign1 – OCX - SigSign Control SigPlus1 – OCX - SigPlus Control ----------- SigSign1.Title1 := ‘Signature for the Document’; SigSign1.Title2 := ‘Please Sign on the Signature Capture’; SigSign1.WindowTitle := ‘Customer Signature Screen’; SigPlus1.ClearTablet; SigPlus1.TabletState := 0; SigPlus1.JustifyMode := 5; SigPlus1.DisplayPenWidth := 11; IF SigSign1.GetSignature THEN BEGIN SigPlus1.SigString := SigSign1.SigString; SigPlus1.AutoTimeStamp; SigPlus1.SaveSigInfo := TRUE; SigPlus1.DisplayTimeStamp := TRUE; SigPlus1.WriteImageFile(‘C:\Signature.BMP’); END; Please help me to catch the signature… Thanks in advance… Mohan Mohan Babu

I’m using the SignatureGemLCD 4X3, and i’m getting the same error message. If you run the debugger you will see that you are getting the error in the line where you are transferring the SigString variable “SigPlus1.SigString := SigSign1.SigString;” If you try to make the signature very simple (just put a short line), you will not get the error. The SigString is a text-string representation of the signatue. I have done some more research on this issue, and Topaz actually included the sourcecode for the SigSign control. It seems like the solution would be to write your own OCX that will be able to do the entire capture/write to file without having to transfer the signature between OCX’es.