Signature Fonts

Does anyone know how you would import your signature font from outlook into Navision and get it to show on your reports?? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Just drag the ttf file into your fonts folder, then on the FONTS controll property type the name of your fint. HINT: The way I select fonts, is to open word, drill down to th efont, then copy the font name, and paste into Navision’s FONT property, that way you get the spelling correct.

[B)] OR… maybe my reply should have been “What is a signature font?”[?] I was assuming you meant the font you use for your Outlook signature, but maybe you meant something else.

That’s what I was wondering too. Maybe he want’s a signature at the bottom of a report. You could always save your signature as a pic and show your pic in the report footer. Maybe save each users signature and save them as BLOB’s. I guess we need a bit more info.

Thanks for the feed back guys. I would like to know a little more about the ttf files. How would I go about saving the signature that i have in outlook as a ttf file?

Ok, what is a signature font then? Do you mean the font you use in your signature, or the text of the signature or something else.

I apologize. I may be using the wrong word. What I am talking about is the signature that a user sets up in outlook to appear at the bottom of their outgoing emails. Is there a way to import that into Navision and have it appear on reports?

Ok, well that’s just text. I am sort of guessing that really what you are asking, is that a user is running a report, then when the report is run, you want some code that looks at Outlook on their machine, then finds the Signature text, imports that text into Navision, and then prints it on the report. As far as I know Outlook stores signatures locally, not on exchange, so the signature would be the local text, (not sure though). If this is what you want, then you would need to searchthe VB help for Outlook, and see if there is a function that returns the Signature Text, and if so call this thru an automation.