Siebel MidMarket Edition

Has anyone details and/or expirience about using Navision Financials 2.6 as a backoffice for Siebel ? I know that it´s brandnew, but maybe someone did it already. Thanx !

Yes is does ! I saw a Navision Server that doesn t work with the Siebels backoffice,because he chrashed down. ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert

Guess somebody must have some more information on this issue today. /Soren

We went to the class on the connector in Denmark last February and helped with a US implementation. I’ve not seen the current release. The technology used the Navision Application Server and allowed nearly instant bidirectional updates. When a record changed in Siebel it was updated in Navision and the reverse too. It was a little complicated but kinda cool how it worked. The “problem” I’ve heard about the connector is that it is too Navision centered. Most folks that use Siebel run their business around Siebel. The connector assumes that folks run their business with Navision. (A very easy “mistake” for Navision to make.) Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 2001 Sep 26 04:52:55

The design of the connector is based on the idea that an existing Navision customer wishes to expand his/hers CRM capabilities. It’s a trade off - you have two systems that are different (if they where the same you won’t need both). So everytime there’s a “conflict” in functionality Navision’s way of doing business is chosen to preserve the Navision experience and functionality (it’s possible to change it to use a more Siebel way, but I’ve actually heard about customers, than when explained the reasoning and saw how it actually worked, chose the Navision way - even changed the Siebel Sales Order to give it a more Navision look and feel). Remember - you can run a business with only a Back-end system - it will be more efficient with a good Front-end/Back-end system, but you can never, in the long run, survive with only a Front-end system - you could sell yourself to death without knowing it until the bank closes you! The problem is that this appearently hasn’t been communicated clearly and this has gotten some negative reactions, since Siebel users felt that they had to change how they worked. One should also remember this is version 1.0 of this product and it most definitely can be improved like any other version 1.0 One last thing remember that Navision also have some CRM (and with Attain even more) funtionality, so when looking at Siebel vesus Navision internal CRM look to see if you need the full blown Siebel CRM capabilities or just something smaller.