Show the shipping tracking number on a Purchase Order

I want to add the tracking number for an incoming shipment on the Purchase Order, where can that be done? I only can see the “Shipment Method Code”.

Also this is the first time using this forum, so if this is the wrong way. Help!

Thanks all.

If you’re only wanting to track for internal purposes you could add it to the lines section using a comment line. If that doesn’t work for you then adding a custom field to report on may be another idea.

What are some of your requirements?


Welcome to the forums, this is a great first post!

Kristen’s method is great, because you wouldn’t need to modify the report for the tracking number to be shown. It would also allow you to list multiple tracking numbers if there are several shipments incoming for the order.

You may want to make it a little more feature rich, such as an Extension with a custom field that you can click and it launches the website you would track the package on. This would be a bit more complex as the system would need to know either the full address or the specific carrier that is shipping the product.

I think most ISVs do a combination of Shipping Agent to get the core URL, and the tracking number field to complete the URL to build the link.

Be sure to reach out to your partner so they can assist you with this project.

To add a tracking number for an incoming shipment on the Purchase Order, you need to go to the “Shipments” section of the Purchase Order. Here, you can see a list of all the shipments related to the Purchase Order.

To add a tracking number, you can click on the shipment that you want to add the tracking number to. This will take you to the “Edit Shipment” page where you can input the tracking number in the designated field. Once you’ve added the tracking number, be sure to save your changes.

If you’re still having trouble finding where to add the tracking number, you can always reach out to our customer support team who will be happy to guide you through the process.

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