Show records where No. = Bill-to Customer No.

This is a reply to David Cubitt’s post in the End User forum… You want to have users able to filter on No. = Bill-to Customer No. , but you don’t want to muck about with Marks or those horible OnNext and OnFind triggers, so… Create a New Field Bill-to Same Flow field source expression = Exist(Test WHERE (No=FIELD(Bill-to Customer No.),Bill-to Customer No.=FIELD(No))) The field will be ticked when ever they are the same. NOTE that there is still the issue of Blank Bill-to Customer No. which Navision conciders to be the same. So the users must be trainied to be aware of this.[:O]

Neat solution, thanks. However, I was trying to find a generic way of doing this for users for any set of values in a given table. The only real world solution I can think of is to copy & paste the values into excel & do an “If” statement and sort/filter in excel (yuk!). This is only valid for less than excel’s max lines limit though… I’ll just explain the limitations to the users. Many thanks

From your original post, you said you could do it in a report, but not in a form. If you did it in a report, you would still have to individually code each case. There are not that many cases where the user needs this feature, it is extremely rare, so get them to work with the system, and when it really is a critial reqirement, craete the field(s) as required. PS if you are SQL there are some simple solutions.