show record value in label

I have a dropdown list where you can select a item. Then I have a textbox where more details are showed from the drop down box

The label with the name: ShowMoreDetailsAddress. And in that textbox I wan to have returned three values from records:


-LocLocationtClientMethod.“Post Code”


this is the code of the dropdown list:

LocLocationtClientMethod.SETRANGE(LocLocationtClientMethod.“Customer No.”, RecCust.“No.”);

IF FrmLocationClientMethod.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK THEN BEGIN

RecordPickupLocationClient.Code := LocLocationtClientMethod.Code;

RecSalesHeader.“Ship-to Address” := LocLocationtClientMethod.Address;
RecSalesHeader.“Ship-to Post Code” := LocLocationtClientMethod.“Post Code”;
RecSalesHeader.“Ship-to City” := LocLocationtClientMethod.City;

CurrForm.txtShowMoreDetails = (LocLocationtClientMethod.Address);// := LocLocationtClientMethod.Address;

and this is the name of textbox CurrForm.txtShowMoreDetails


But how to show the three values in de label?

Thank you

in classic form or in a page ?
set the text value of the label in the onvalidate trigger of the dropdown with the concatenated text values. in a page you need a currentpage.update at the end of the code.

I edit the post

it is al classic form

I just want to show more database records in a textbox