Show Navigationlist by code in DetailsMaster Form

Hello everyone.
I have a form with the DesignPattern DetailsMaster.
Depending on where the form is opened from, the Grid in the NavigationList should be visible.
So I want to open it in the init() method.
How can I do that?

Thanks in advance for answers

Can’t you simply control it by Form View Option property on menu items?


Thank You for answering

I tried all entries from the drop down in Form View Option. I managed to open in Grid or Details mode, but it didn’t open the Navigstion List.
“Header” and “Hub” seem to be the same as “Auto”

Any more Ideas anyone?

Aha, got it. You want the detailed view with the pane that you can open by clicking Show list icon or pressing Ctrl+F8, right?

Yes exactly this is what I want.
Sorry for bad description.

I found the solution:
The NavigationList Grid is part of the Group NavigationList.

In my init() Method of the form I can set is visible