Show more lines to a single record in a form

Hope I can explain my problem properly… Well, here’s the deal: I have a form which has Table 39 as it’s source. I want to display several lines with extra information about the current record (i.e. all the inventory assignment that has been made). How do I insert a new line on the form, without having to insert a new rec in T39???

I would suggest using one or more subforms which display the information associated with each record - as long as this associated information is stored in some other table(s). But I’m not sure if this is really what you need[?]

Thanks Heinz, but you’re right - that’s not quite what i’m looking for! I would prefer to keep all the information in 1 form (if possible!).

Hi Jensthomsen On the OnInsertRecord Trigger of the form add the Code Exit(FALSE); And it is also worth adding the same code to the OnModifyRecord and OnDeleteRecord triggers. This should solve your problem

Hi, i think that the problem should be solved by the “DelayedInsert” property of the form and calculating the extra information in the OnValidate-Trigger of the primerykey of the form.