Show all function

I create a new form and I want to use Show all fuction on the menu bar.How can I do?

Click the show all button!

No It doesn’t work.

You are creating a form alright but for which table. Filters can be activated and deactivated (show all) only upon tables. You can use the Show all only if you can see the Letters FILTER on the bottom of the navision window. Cheers,

Hey, What is that exactly are you trying to do? Is it you want to make use of the feature “Show All” make sure there is a filter set and the result set shown (before the Show all) is a sub set of the records in the table. regards, venu

There is a filter on your form, but it is in not in filtergroup 0. This means the user can not delete any filters active on that form. Filtergroups are automaticly assigned to a form if you set filters by the use of properties. Things like SETTABLEVIEW. Check the Navision help file or further info on filtergroups.

Mena, First of all - is there a filter? If so, click on the Show All button - does this remove the filter? If not, then Emiel’s idea could be right - filtergroups! Either check the documentation of search this site. Good luck.

Do you have a Flowfilter on the form? There are three filters: Field filter Table filter Flow filter The show all function only works on the first two. If you have set a flowfilter, you must bring the filter back up, remove the options and reapply the ‘blank’ settings. I think…

If you want to “simulate” the function of the “Show All - Button” by code, you could use the function Rec.RESET. This will “delete” all filters and set the sorting to the primary key. Regards, Jörg

Did we ever find out actually what Mena was trying to do?


Originally posted by David Singleton
Did we ever find out actually what Mena was trying to do?

[:D][:D][:D][:D] I love this forum [8D]. bye André

Looks like maybe Mena left the discussion last week? [}:)]

Hello friends Why Filters can be activated and deactivated (show all) only upon tables ? If the new table that I just create,How can I make it activated?

Mena, could you please be a bit more specific? I can’t figure out what your exact problem is. When you create a new table, you can save it, close it and then click “Run” in the object designer to show it’s content which will then be empty. When you create a form for it you can set filters via the filter buttons in the control-button bar. When you want to create a button that removes all filters, you’ll have to make a new button and in the OnRun Trigger you set the command “RESET;” like Joerg said.

Hi Mena, there are a lot of people here willing and anxious to help, but really you do ned to aska question. Start with : What is your objective, eg: what does the end user need to do. What data are you using eg: Items What do you start with eg: The user sees a list of all items that have a quantity on hand wihtin a date range set by a Flow Filter. What do you need eg: The user should press a button to show all items regardles on Quantity on hand. If you have since solvedthe problem let us know, I for one am very curious, just to know what the question was.