Hi, I would like to assign ShortCutKey for CommandButton.But I have seen that there is no property like this for CommandButton.Actually all the Alphabets have been blocked for all the Module names in the Left hand side of the Application. I need to put some more Module Names and need to assign ShortCutKey for each of them. Also let me know, Is it possible to make two alphabets in a CommandButton Caption as ShortCutKey. Is it Possible?

When you have a form open, the menu shortcutkeys should not work. There’s two forms of shortcutkeys though. The first one is the one you get from the & in the Caption property, and then on menu buttons you can assign key combinations like Shift+G, or Ctrl+F6, etc. So say you have a button called “Press” on your form that you want to assign a shortcut to for instance the R key. You open the property page for the button and enter “P&ress” in the caption of the button. Your shortcut should now be Alt+R. Make sure you don’t select a letter that is already assigned to a menu. There’s no such thing as a shortcutkey sequence of more than one key.