Shortcut Dimension Code 3

Hi All,

I have tried all my efforts to find out in which table does this data go but have failed. There is an input field in Sales Order form called “Sales Type”. I checked its properties and it gives source expr as “ShortcutDimCode[3]” then I tried any possible table I could think of but could not find this column in any table.

Can somebody help me with this.



Check these table

  1. Document Dimension

  2. Posted document dimension

  3. Ledge Entry Dimension

Thanks Amol,

Shall be looking for “Shortcut Dimension Code 3” as the field / column name or “Sales Type” ?

You need to take look at the G/L Setup table in dimension tab.Here you will get this field.

During transactions we are attaching this dimensions for better analysis and reporting purpose.

Hi Amol,

I checked the tables, the unique identifier in these tables are entry nos. which is not in Sales header table nor Sales Invoice Header table. Please advise…

I need to pull data for outstanding sales orders with the Sales Type field which is stored as Shortcut Dimension Code 3 and/or Sales Type in different tables. Sales Type field is not in Sales Header Table nor in Sales Invoice Header Table.

I would appreciate if somebody can advise a solution.



Hi Amol,

Can you please tell me in which table would I get the two fields together, “Sales Type” and “Document No.” Document No. field should have Sales Order Nos. may be together with other series as well.

Appreciate your support.



You need to link the Sales header and Document dimension table for getting the desired data.

Document No in Sales header

Dimension in Document Dimension.