Short cut keys in report designer

Hi Is there any short cut keys (other than mouse keys) which allow us to moving the objects or resizing the objects in report designer. Regards

Not really beside : (From section Designer) Ctrl + A = Select All Ctrl + X = Cut Ctrl + C = Copy Crtl + V = Paste So as you can see this does not help much :wink: May I ask you why you would want to use the keyboard instead of the mouse ? Is it personal preferences or something else ?? If what you’re trying to do is very repetitive and has a some kind of logical patterns to it you can get your job done much quicker (in certain cases!) by manipulating your reports exported in text format.

Hi Demiati I have some background of other reports writers like oracle report writer,VB data report,crystal reports. In all of these packages gives short cut keys for moving objects besides using mouse. So naturally I am looking for the same features in Navision also. That was the reason for my question. Suppose I want to increase the width of a text box, mouse will help to get this job done in navision . Using the key board short cuts may give(like shift+arrow keys - not in Navision) more control than using mouse. Regards Joseph Mathew

Hi Joseph, Sorry to disapoint you but no, it’s not possible to increase the width of text boxes using the keyboard. The way of doing that is either the mouse or at property level of the text box. Cheers, Tarek

Only by changing properties for the control, would you be able to handle this with keyboard shortcuts. The properties you would take a look at are:


Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG