Shipping more than sales order?

Hi all, Our customer has a production plant in one city and sales organization in another city. Salespeople enter the sales orders and the orders are shipped from the production plant. Shipping persons has an initiaitve to ship more than sales order quantity depending on the truck size. They don’t want to give permission for changing sales order to the shipping persons. Is it possible to ship more than sales order quantity by using Inventory picks and control this overshipment when invoicing? Or any other suggestion to handle this case? Thanks in advance for your help, Dinçer

Hi If the shipping user has the physical power to ship more then system or not they are making hte decision and actually shipping more, therefore you may as well give them the rights to alter the sales order, it is the logical thing to do as the business process gives them this right, so reflect it in the system. You can always monitor what they do in the change log.

Hi Dinçer, In our add-on (especially for apparel, footwear and sporting goods) we offer the possibility to pick more than ordered. Ship or receive more than ordered is very common in that industry. Keep in mind that it requires more than just altering the sales order. After all you’re still interested in the original ordered quantities. Best regards, Willy Exterkate Product Manager Pebblestone Fashion