shipping labels nav 2.6

i am looking for a solution to generate shipping labels from navision as well as recommended printers to use.

You’ll want to visit Their e-ship product is excellent.

is it possible to just generate a shipping label from navision, if so how, and what printer would be the best , zebra?

We use zebra / thermal labels to print Canada post / La Poste Indicias in Shipping Labels generated from a Navision report.

You could also use LaserNet to print the labels, this also meen that do don´t need to do any programming in Attain. You are using an drag-and-drop tool to create the form. Also, you can use LaserNet aginst any label printer that are using windows drivere Zebra, Eltron etc. - you can see more on

is there no way in stock navision to generate a shipping label that would show the to: from: number of packeges etc. there go to be something?

I would add a report which prints the required information. You can add this report to the report selection for the Sales Shipments and in the print button on the Sales Shipment form. We are using old Zebra printers here because we just can’t get them to die so we can buy new Zebra’s [8D] Gylfi Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Matthew, I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but I would go with Zebras [:D] You posted this as an enduser question, so I am guessing you are looking for an out of the box report, but unfortunately there aren’t any. So you are probably going to be best off getting your NSC to et the actuall Naviison code done for you. PS eShip is a great, but it may be an over kill for what you are doing.