Shipping Agent change according to weekday.

Hello all my friends,

Is it possible to have the shipping agent change based on the weekday? We have customers that order 3-4 days per week. We must use different shippers on each day of the week and our customer service people forget to change it.

Thanks in advance

Nav 6.0

You question is unclear to me. Don’t you set the Shipping agent on the customer card?

Where are they “changing it”


Are you saying that Shipping Agent Code should be decided by the day (Monday, Tuesday etc…)? You use different shipping agents on different days of week?

What are other criterias of deciding Shipping Agent? As per standard NAV, it is mentioned in the customer card, and on the SO by default it takes from there.

Sorry for the ambiguity. We have customers that order Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but one trucking company (shipping agent) only operates Monday and Tuesday so we have to use a second Agent on Thursday.

I would like a sales order entered on Monday to default to Agent 1 and an order entered on Thursday to default to Agent 2.

1)What happens wed & friday?
2)Is this for every customer or just a specific few?
3)Do you have a license that can access c/al code?
DayOfWeek := DATE2DWY(workdate, 1);
If (DayofWeek = 4) and (ShippingAgent <> ‘Whatever’) then
message(‘Today is Thurday Shipping Agent must be so&so’);

4)This is not great & training is the real answer here.

I can do some ca/l but this is probably not a good solution. since we have several hundred customers and each one can have their own set of circumstances that would have to be able to be maintained. We ca not set up rules by agent since some agents service different states on different days.

As I said - training is the real answer for this.

IF you need it corrected on the posted invoice-

1)You could either Copy document to credit memo to undo the order & copy doc to sales order to redo it correctly.
2)You could make the Field Editable on the Sales Invoice Header with some code on CU 391.
It depends on your system - It doesn’t have to set in stone for us.

SalesInvoiceHeaderEdit(SalesInvoiceHeader : Record “Sales Invoice Header”)
// >> Shipping
SalesInvoiceHeader2 := SalesInvoiceHeader;
SalesInvoiceHeader2.“Shipping Agent Code” := SalesInvoiceHeader.“Shipping Agent Code”;
SalesInvoiceHeader2.“E-Ship Agent Service” := SalesInvoiceHeader.“E-Ship Agent Service”;<<We use e-ship
SalesInvoiceHeader := SalesInvoiceHeader2;
// << Shipping

We also have a new field on the customer card called “Set Shipping Comments” - So it’s customer specific.

And on insert of the “Sell-to Customer No.” of the sales order it brings this comment to the sales header (like the other fields, name, address, etvc) and also prints on the picking ticket. It’s mostly like"Friday Delivery Only" or “Pack with paper”, etc. small comments that we used to have to type every time. You can use something simple like this to say “Check Shipping Agent For this Customer”. But it doesn’t guarantee the user will look & use the info.

I love this idea but I am thinking it is something my partner would have to provide.

It depends on how far you want to go with it. (you have choices you can do yourself)

Without a dev license you can still :

1)create a field in the customer table field# 50000+.
2)Since you can do that - it can be added to a report (picking ticket) Cust.get(“Sell-to Customer No,”);
3)Since you can’t add it with code - you could do a flowfield to the sales header looking up the field based on the sell-to, ship-to or bill-to # (depends on your needs) to show on the form.