Shipments and Invoices with line quantity 0

Hi, we’re running NAV 2013 GB, we’re noticed that if we create a sales order with more than 1 line i.e. 10 item lines, but only ship and invoice 5 lines, all ten lines appear on the shipment and invoice, having this on NAV is not a problem but is there a way on the printout to hide the lines that have not been shipped or invoiced?

Many thanks

Welcome to DUG!!!

You need to skip those line item where qty is zero …

How do you do that?

I’ve had a look in the development environment and visual studio but at best in visual studio i can tell it to make hide the line if the quantity = 0, but this still leaves the space of the line, i think what needs to happen is for the lines where the quantity =0 to be hidden or simplely not passed to visual studio.

Many thanks

Hi Matthew,

It depends on which method you use. If you check the code in VS, then you have different options to hide fields and rows and you must make sure it’s the Row hidding code you’re setting. Also the table-box that holds the lines need to have a filter specify, otherwise it will still take the same space. Personally I have worked with Visual Studio/RDLC for 4 years now, but I still feel like a novice and often have to spend a lot of time “playing” with the many different options before I get it the way I want. So keep trying.

But as you suggest, then you can also do this particular change directly in NAV before the lines are transferred to Visual Studio. And much easier. Just put a filter on the data item for the lines to only transfer lines where Qty <> 0.

End the end we got our NAV partner to write the code for us. Many thanks