Shell command

hi ,

How can i run a batch file from navision by Shell command … anyy body can help …

thank you jouhyna


Hi imran…

it didn’t work …

What is the error?


it dodin’t launch the batch file … only show for seconds the black screen of batch file then disapear without doing anything … where it’s supposed to run the batch for a couple of minutes and shows like a counter in this batch file …

Shell command only runs the file…doesn’t do anything else. Probably you must explain what you want to do exactly.

Hi ,

This is the batch file … below …this batch file is trying to send a text file PLST.TXT to the scale …

usually when we press on this batch … it works normally … now i need to run from navision …thank you armani for your help

echo off

REM sw_zap PLST


I am really sorry , i don’t have much idea about this now. Let us see , some one will reply you and solve your problem.

When running commands in a batch file try to use full path of executable commands.

Add a PAUSE at the end of the batch file to see any upcoming error message in the command window.

If this doesn’t help, you can try to start the batch command directly inside a new shell:

cmd.exe /K your.bat

With /K the shell window stays open, with /C the shell will close after execution