SHELL alternative in C/AL

Hi Guys,

I wish to execute an external program with 2 paramaters in the C/AL underneath a button on the Purchase Invoice page.

I see references to using SHELL, but when I compile the Error List tells me it’s obsolete for my version (which is NAV 2009 SP1.)

Am I missing something?

is it for RTC?

It is for the RTC yes.

That post looks great but my problem as always is knowing what the C/AL Local Variable declarations should be, do you know what they are? i.e. for _commandLine etc … Sorry I have no experience of that, but learning!

i am not sure, this may be a TEXT datatype.

You can generally tell a data type by the value that is being assigned to it. If it assigned a set of upper and lower case characters, it is a Text variable. Upper case only, a Code variable. True or False, it’s a boolean. A number without decimals, an Integer. And so on.