Sharing the Employee table between all the companies

Hi everyone,

A customer of mine has a NAV database with 8 companies (NAV 2009 R2).

He wants to share the list of employees between all the companies.

I tried to change the ‘DataPerCompany’ property to No but I got the following error message:

It is not possible to change the property ‘DataPerCompany’ when there are records in the Employee table. Follow these guidelines:

* Export all records in the table to a file.

* Delete all records from the table.

* Modify the table definition.

* Import all records from the file.

What shall I do???

Export all record in a file and import it in another company table.

I created a new table with a similar structure to the Employee table…and I set the DataPerCompany property to yes…and I populated it with records from Employee tables(from the different companies)…
Now I have to make sure that everytime a record is added to an Employee table, it is automatically added to my new table…
How to do that???