Sharing of PR to PO workflow between entities

Please confirm if workflow can be shared between the companies for PR to PO. Basically, can workflows be centralised in AX 2012 R3. Please advise.


It depends upon the workflow, it has an association that is organisation wide or company specific, but you cannot change this because of how the workflow works. If your workflow is for a specific legal entity your only standard choice is to export it and import it.

Thanks Adam.

Changes to be managed from entity to entity basis (import/export helps), changes cannot be controlled from centralized place in standard ax. This is what I understand from the above comment of yours.

Please advise if centralization of PR/PO workflow can be achieved through development and how complex it would be to develop?

Considering the documents in flow and the possible abilities I would imagine it would be extremely complex. The question you have to ask is what the value add would be and the restrictions imposed by what you are suggesting.

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