SharePoint Test connection in AX7

Hi Everyone,

There are lot of changes w.r.t SharePoint document management in AX7 when compared to AX 2012.

Facing the initial issues in configuration. Looking forward for any help.

  1. Configured the SharePoint site in the below path

Organization Administration > Document management > Document management parameters > SharePoint Tab > Default SharePoint server.

  1. If you click the Test SharePoint connection button , it gives the below error,

You are not authorized to connect to ‘’ .

  1. Checked in SharePoint server and the user is admin there. I somehow found that it might be because of “ExternalUserId” mapping with the user.

  2. Because SharePoint connection authenticates the user along with their externalUserId.

So my question is what should be the value in the “ExternalUserId” field?

In your previous threads, you said you have SharePoint Online, but you didn’t mention it here.

Please confirm whether this question is about SharePoint or SharePoint online.

For reference, here is a link to last (of several) threads, where we’ve already discussed some related things, including documentation.

Its about SharePoint online.

Thanks. I’ve attached some tags to this your thread, to help other users to see what it’s about and to help with searching.