Shared Tables - Urgent

I have built a company pair with a virtual company with shared tables (eg vendor, postcode, address), during the importing of data (into shared and none shared tables) the shared tables have become unlinked from the virtual table (ie the company accounts are showing as no longer connected to the virtual company) meaning that data area of some vendors is the physcial as oppose to virtual company. I have put the company accounts back into the virtual company and reimported the data into the shared tables. Has anyone else experienced this issue - I need to know what has caused it as we are in a ‘dress rehearsal’ for a go live

Hi N_dev,

for URGENT requests, please log a PAID support call wth Microsoft or with you partner. This is a volunteer site, and can not be used to replace normal support channels.

Many apologies - if anyone has come across any similar experiences it would be useful to know how they were overcome

Well you ran it in once, it failed to work, ran it in again and it worked - what changed in between runs, the data or the routine? Because it would seem something did. I have dealt with virtualised tables and data conversions before, but obviously you test, test and test again until the routine is constant, but no I have not encountered the issue you describe using the scripts I specified. I would advise you troubleshoot this yourself as the issue must be data/routine related.

I agree, its very strange - there is nothing specific to the ‘system’ that changed, but I did wonder whether something within the imports or the data had caused the share to ‘trip’, but I couldnt see how this was possible. I did wonder where we have imports that are importing into the virtual and physical companies at the same time (for example purchase orders) , could be causing the issue? I will be carrying out further testing with the person who is carrying out the migration and the scripts to see what caused the issue.